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Using Multi-Exposures as a tool to Dream, Explore, Create and Craft progressive Art

1 on 1 Individualised Mentoring

2 Weeks of Personal Assignments
3 x 1 hr Zoom meetings

Future Project Planning

Exploring you own Creative Layers through Story Telling

 I signing up on whim I had no idea what to expect with Creative Soup - only that the way Becs saw the world and her ability to make art was something that I just wanted to osmose and infuse into my own attitudes toward work, to blur the lines back into play. If I had to sum her up she is a Seer. Becs sees your work but more than that she sees you and you within your work and knows just the right questions to ask and direction to give to help you create from the inside out. With her glorious english accent and simple practical exercises, you find yourself falling back in love with creating for the sake of creating - a joy that is sometimes forgotten beneath the layers of working years. So grateful to start 2021 with Creative Soup…down to earth yet dream provoking, light-hearted yet soul-searching, and somehow everything I needed for this season. Thank you so much Becs, you are a true gem.   

Trish, Tealily Photography, Australia

The universe has no colour in itself. It has electromagnetic waves propagating through it, but it's our brain that in the end that is responsible for giving specific wavelengths colour. 

Maternity Shoot (2022)

Do you have the urge to get your hands messy, brain grubby, and create your art from scratch? Do you want to approach your storytelling from the inside-out? Do you find yourself staring at images on Instagram wondering HOW they did that and WHY the image seems so impactful?  Are you currently working on an exhibition project which you need help with or are you wanting to a fresh take on your work completely? 

Learn new techniques, explore the reasons, the why's and when's  to use them. Learning how approaching image making through play, with freedom, can change your whole approach to your client sessions and personal work. Learn how observation in your daily life builds your creative muscle memory. Shift your way of working so art can be made in just 5 mins, as you wait for a bus/ are on the school run/ or eating banana yogurt.
This will be a two-week class, with three private mentoring sessions, that takes place in a digital classroom.

After you sign up you will be sent some in-depth questions and some prep work to do before our first meeting.  This is so I can dig around in your brain with a HB pencil and prepare projects/ creative suggests so you hit the ground running.  

Each week, new assignments/challenges will be presented with ongoing feedback over the two week period.

Our Father (2022)

Pull Up a Chair

The Creative Soup is reopening its doors for EXISTING and NEW students in 2024.  Please do send me message if you would love to in the mix! 

0451 737 309

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(Torn America Postcard - Published 2017)

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(All Of Us Exhibited 1997 in KL)

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Family Portrait - 2022


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